A pipe renovation pays for itself

Articles on housing, plumbing repairs, energy, renovation and single-family homes, produced by Hausoturva.

A pipe renovation pays for itself

Articles on housing, plumbing repairs, energy, renovation and single-family homes, produced by Hausoturva.

A plumbing renovation is a memorable moment in every person’s life, always for each individual dwelling. The timing of this is usually the first thing to find out when moving to a new home. They want to know when the renovation will be completed: are they moving into a home where the renovation has already been done or into a home where it may be coming soon?

In Finland, we are used to functioning sewers and smooth water use. Few can appreciate or even think how important it is that they work. The pipelines do not require much maintenance, but when they reach the age of 30-40 years, the condition of the pipelines should at least be surveyed. A completed plumbing renovation will always increase the price of the home and reduce the selling time in the event of a sale.

Common misconceptions about plumbing repairs

Quite a few horror stories are painted about plumbing repairs, often related to the duration and price of the repair. However, it is unwise to create images that later turn out to be unfounded. A few decades ago, plumbing repairs could take many weeks, even months, but nowadays they can be completed in a matter of days. With today’s tools and installation methods, pipe renovation in a detached house is smooth and quick.

The cost of a plumbing repair is often perceived as high and may create a threshold for contacting a professional. However, there is no need to be afraid of the price, as it is influenced by many different factors, including the amount of work and materials.

Many also wonder about the long water cuts and the inconvenience they will cause. In reality, the water will only be cut off for a few hours. Long water outages are usually confined to apartment blocks, where pipelines are long and laborious.

Sewer renovation is often thought of as very laborious and time-consuming. It is also often thought that you cannot live in the apartment during renovation. However, this is not the case, as it takes about 3-5 days to install the drains and through Taloturva, the customer can use the dry toilets for the duration of the renovation. Based on customer feedback, many have been surprised by the smoothness and ease of the renovation.

Renovating pipes increases the price of a home and reduces the selling time

Although plumbing repairs always cost money, they directly affect the value of your property. If the property is later sold, it is natural that the new plumbing will have an impact on the buyer and the decision to buy. It is clear that the poor condition of a property reduces interest and competition, directly affecting the price. Even the replacement of the plumbing system has an impact on the value of the home and the buyer’s perception of it. This shows that the house has been properly and timely cared for and maintained. If all the pipes have been replaced, the buyer does not have to think about future plumbing repairs, nor the seller’s responsibility for the plumbing.
If the owner of the property has not yet carried out any plumbing repairs but has made a written offer for the renovation, it will help the buyer to get an idea of the property’s overall situation, price and budget. The more up-to-date the price estimate, the better, as prices vary according to demand and availability of supplies.

When to carry out the renovation

Plumbing repairs in a detached house are always the responsibility of the property owner. When considering the timing of a plumbing renovation, the first step is to determine the age and functionality of the property’s plumbing system. Replacement of heating pipes and radiators, domestic water and sewerage pipes is typically carried out at the end of their technical life or if their durability is not guaranteed or they show symptoms. Domestic hot water pipes are usually the first to be renovated, as copper and iron pipes typically corrode more quickly due to flowing water.
The replacement of the heating pipes can be carried out either at the same time as the renovation of the domestic hot water system or later, depending on its condition. The ideal time to have heating renovation work done is outside the heating season, because there is no need for additional heating. However, all plumbing repairs can be carried out at any time of the year.

Plumbing renovation in a detached house

A plumbing renovation always starts with planning and a price estimate. How to find out how much a plumbing renovation will cost for a terraced house? The building security price estimator allows you to estimate the cost of a plumbing renovation in your property. When considering the price and the renovation, it is worth taking into account the benefit granted by the tax authorities, i.e. the household deduction.
Plumbing and heating renovation starts with planning and floor protection. The installer will then make the penetrations, dismantle the old pipework and install the new pipes. During the renovation, water will be cut off for a few hours, depending on the site and the extent of the renovation. Finally, the installer will carry out the finishing work and a final inspection, as well as guidance from the property owner.
The renovation of the sewerage system starts in the same way, with planning and floor protection. The toilets are then removed and the sewer pipe is hardened and washed. The sewer is redrawn and the pipes are measured. This is followed by the actual pipe-laying of the sewer pipes and the replacement of the floor drains, and finally by quality assurance.

Plumbing condition survey for a detached house

A pipe condition survey is always a professional assessment of the current condition of the piping system. The surveyor will also provide guidance on the timeframe in which it would make sense to carry out the renovation in a detached house. If the renovation proves to be necessary, the expert will calculate the total price based on the information and plans he has received. The survey usually takes a couple of hours, depending on the size of the property and the needs of the survey.

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