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Hello, I am Juha-Matti and I am an entrepreneur at Taloturva Oy.

Does this plumbing repair in 3 days sound like a bit of a tall order? Well, this is not a quick business idea, but a way of doing things that has evolved over the years and a desire to focus on your own thing.

Here are a few words on how we got here after all the twists and turns.

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The story of building security

In 2011, as a young man, I started a plumbing company and did a lot of plumbing work on an old Hyundai van on my own. At the time, the occupants of the house were busy renovating the roofs, windows and bathrooms. Looking at insurance company statistics, most of the water damage was caused by pipes in the home.

Why didn’t the home owners then replace the pipes, even if it made sense. Nobody had really thought about it or wanted to think about it, because there was a bad image of plumbing. Expensive, dusty, eviction, open structures and rude professionals.

It can’t be this difficult! They wanted to make a change and put together a team of professionals to change this. A way was born to do the job “in 3 days” – without evacuation and without damaging structures. We are still on this path and every day we are working to make our approach more efficient and better.

Started with utility and radiator pipe renovations in 2012, and in 2014 became the first company in Europe to start doing single-family home drains by soaking. Before that, sewers were replaced for decades using the ‘open-floor’ method.” Inspired by this, in 2017 we expanded to Sweden and are now the market leader in sewer renovation in Stockholm County, and a familiar name on the streets.

taloturva yrityksentarina jm ja auto
Juha-Matti Kemppainen, CEO and founder of Taloturva

We run the business with three entrepreneurs Juha-Mat, Miikka and Pekka. In addition to them, we have the best professionals as co-owners. We use a new approach to carry out private house plumbing repairs quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively. On top of that, we have the most satisfied customers in the construction industry!

The goals we set more than 10 years ago, as a desire to change the sector, have been realised. But not for free, this has taken work, humility and rethinking from the whole team. Try how we do it, it all starts when you send us a request for quote.

Home security in brief

Taloturva is a 100% Finnish-owned company operating in Finland and Sweden, specialising in plumbing and HVAC services for detached houses.

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We employ over 90 people in Finland and Sweden
Customer experience
The most satisfied customers in the construction sector with 7000 renovation projects
Policy approach
Over 10 years of pipe repairs
Our values are working together, trust and hard work.
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