Are you looking for a quality plumber for your private house? A plumber from Taloturva takes care of even the most demanding plumbing problems in private houses smoothly and with long experience, and certainly always at a reasonable price.

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Taloturva is a pioneer in the field of plumbing repairs, handling a wide range of plumbing repairs in both private households and housing companies quickly and professionally. Speed is one of Taloturva’s absolute trump cards, as the plumbing repair can be completed by Taloturva in as little as three days. Even though the pace is very fast, quality is not compromised and no damage is done to the sewage system, for example, during the renovation.

One good reason to choose a plumber from Taloturva to handle your home’s plumbing repairs is the possibility to live at home during the entire plumbing repairs. Many households in need of a plumbing repair have faced a major challenge when they have to move out of their familiar and safe home for the duration of the repair. This of course increases the cost of the renovation, not to mention the stress it causes.

It is our principle that no matter how tight the schedule, the end result of a plumbing renovation will not be compromised. For this to be possible, employees must be highly skilled and competent in their field. Taloturva achieves this by hiring the best installers in Finland and ensuring that they continue to develop and maintain their skills. To achieve this goal, Taloturva continuously organises various training courses for its employees and regularly strives to ensure that their skills remain top-notch.

Taloturva has experience of thousands of plumbing repairs, so this company really knows its way around Finnish private houses. In addition to detached houses, plumbing renovations are of course also carried out in larger housing companies. The experience of countless plumbing projects has given us the knowledge of how to achieve the best possible results, whether it’s a single-family home or a housing association. According to surveys, 98% of Taloturva’s customers are satisfied with the installations carried out by the company, which is a testament to the company’s hard work!

Save money by ordering a plumber from Taloturva in time

A professionally done plumbing renovation is a good investment, as it usually pays for itself over time. Plumbing is a particularly cost-effective way to extend the life of your home’s plumbing, and is one of the most popular services offered by Hausoturva. Soaking an old pipe can save your home from nasty water damage and increase the comfort of your home. At the same time, it increases housing security.

A skilled plumber from Taloturva will start by surveying the condition of your home’s plumbing by taking a picture of your home’s drains with a dedicated drainage camera. Here again, you can save money by choosing a Taloturva expert to carry out a plumbing survey of your home, as the plumbing survey is completely free of charge for the customer. The efficient scheduling of sewer surveys enables Taloturva to offer free sewer surveys to its customers. This is an important benefit for the customer and brings them a lot of added value, as it allows our customers to get a professional understanding of the current state of their home’s plumbing.

Sometimes the plumbing in your home doesn’t even need a major overhaul, but simple plumbing maintenance may be enough. The House Security Drainage Survey even includes the possibility to go through the results with a House Security professional. If necessary, the expert who has carried out the sewer mapping will also provide a quote for sewer maintenance or repair in your home. This way, the customer gets the most out of the free sewer survey!

Old pipelines pose a high risk of water damage and, unfortunately, there are many unfortunate cases of water damage in Finland, the financial costs of which can be very high. If the drain in your home is more than 22 years old, the risk of water damage is elevated, and if the drain is more than 39 years old, the risk of water damage is high. In the case of sanitary piping, the elevated risk is caused by the age of the sanitary piping above 22 years and the high risk is caused by the age of the piping above 34 years. For the heating network, the corresponding figures are over 23 years and over 42 years. In an old house, it’s not worth waiting too long, because prolonging the assessment of the need for a plumbing repair and delaying the start of the repair or maintenance can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Building security plumber services for housing companies

In addition to private houses, Taloturva is also happy to take care of the plumbing in housing companies. For sewer renovations in housing companies, a smooth and reliable method of diving sewers is preferred. Submerging is a particularly cost-effective solution that does not damage structures. In addition to being cost-effective, immersion is a particularly modern way of renewing a housing association’s sewer.

In the process, a plumber inserts a sock made of a so-called plastic mix into the old pipe. Once the sock is in place inside the pipe, it is cured to become a strong and durable plastic pipe. The old pipes in the building society’s sewerage system do not need to be removed, but remain in place, forming a mould for the new pipe.

If you are worried about the plumbing situation in your housing company, you should commission a plumber from Taloturva to carry out a survey of the company’s plumbing. A survey visit can provide a comprehensive and professional overview of the actual and real-time situation of the housing company’s plumbing and what kind of measures the plumbing may require in the near future.

Especially in large and elderly housing companies, it is advisable to start early with a condition survey of the plumbing, because as the housing company gets older, the risk of water damage to the plumbing also increases significantly. In a large housing estate, water damage usually causes distress to several families, and the financial costs of water damage can be significant. To prevent such an unpleasant situation, it is a good idea to hire a plumber from Taloturva to survey the plumbing in your building before it causes any unpleasant surprises. In this way, the best possible solution can be found to any potential problems in the plumbing system before they cause water damage in the building. This allows the optimal timing of the renovation or maintenance of the housing company’s pipes.

A special camera can be used to photograph the sewer in the building company, so that the inside of the sewer can also be seen. In the light of this information, a Taloturva professional will be able to assess the actual condition of the building’s plumbing. If necessary, after the sewer mapping, a Taloturva expert can make an offer for the maintenance or repair of the housing company’s drains and the customer will have the opportunity to go over the results of the sewer mapping with a Taloturva professional. In this way, the representatives of the housing company do not have to make decisions about plumbing repairs or maintenance based on a gut feeling, but rather on up-to-date information presented by a House Security expert, obtained through a recent sewer survey. Pekka Nikki is an expert in sewer renovations and sewer backfilling for housing companies, and you can ask him for more information about sewer renovations in your housing company and order a free survey visit to your housing company.

One of the best things about Taloturva is that the company’s professionals know how to carry out plumbing repairs in a way that causes as little inconvenience as possible for the building’s residents. Renovations are carried out quickly, without compromising on professionalism and quality, and the residents of the building society do not have to move out of their homes for the duration of the renovation. This will certainly be a great relief for the residents!

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