Reliable, affordable and high-quality plumbing services for detached houses from Taloturva, an expert in plumbing repairs for detached houses with over 7000 plumbing repairs in Finland and Sweden.

Is there a problem with the plumbing? Water damage? Want to replace your radiators with new ones? Taloturva is an expert HVAC company that is sure to help you!

House Security also offers free plumbing services for single-family homeowners, such as free drainage survey and free plumbing condition survey. 

Whether you are looking for a plumbing expert for sewer renovationfor domestic water renovation, plumbing maintenance or for radiator replacement for your private house, Taloturva is a safe choice with a customer satisfaction rate of 98% (Taloustutkimus Oy).


Expert HVAC services for detached houses from Hausoturva

HVAC refers to the heating, plumbing and air-conditioning systems in your home, which are designed with precision. Good HVAC design can make your home as energy-efficient and comfortable as possible. Good design also improves the comfort of the home and reduces its negative impact on the environment. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a professional with long experience as your home’s HVAC expert!

Finnish HVAC expert

Finnish weather demands a lot from homes, which is one of the main reasons to choose a Finnish HVAC expert who knows Finnish conditions. Taloturva is just such an option, as it is a Finnish family-owned company that aims to make living in Finland safer and easier. The background to the creation of House Security is the realisation that in the past, plumbing repairs in detached houses have often been too difficult from the point of view of the residents. This is certainly one of the reasons why around 100 Finnish households experience water damage every day. In order to bring about change, Hausoturva has trained as an expert in the field to make it easier to determine the best time to renovate your home’s plumbing, for example.

All of Taloturva’s HVAC assignments are in the hands of skilled installers, and the company’s installers can rightly be considered among the best in Finland. Hausoturva also ensures that its installers have access to continuous training, which helps to ensure their skills remain up to date. Taloturva has experience of thousands of renovations in Finnish homes, so it is fair to say that the company knows Finnish homes. Customers have also been apparently satisfied with the HVAC renovations carried out by Taloturva, as 98% of the company’s customers have been satisfied with the service they have received from Taloturva, according to the survey.

Free sewer surveys to assess the condition of the plumbing system

Taloturva offers its customers the opportunity to take a free drain survey, which gives a quick and concrete indication of the condition of the pipes in their home. This allows a reliable assessment of whether a home plumbing renovation is needed right now, or whether it can safely wait for a while longer. In addition, the sewer mapping will give experts information on the best method to rehabilitate the sewer system in question. Often at this stage, people start to consider plumbing, which is a very resident-friendly method, fortunately for the home’s occupants, as they don’t have to tear open the home’s structures for plumbing and can stay in their home throughout the renovation.

Sewerage expert

If sewer backfilling is not quite needed yet, the need for sewage disposal can be considered. Sewer maintenance is an excellent way to prolong the life of your sewage system and prevent sewer-related problems. Taloturva takes a holistic approach to sewer maintenance. During sewerage maintenance, brittle substances are removed from the inner surfaces of water pipes to help prevent blockages and other common problems in sewerage systems. Taloturva takes care of the sewerage maintenance of private houses with professionalism from start to finish. Before the actual maintenance, the customer’s home is carefully protected, and then the actual maintenance can begin.

Hausoturva uses special nylon bristles for sewer maintenance. The bristles are powerful, yet gentle and will not damage the surface of the water pipes. The size of the brush is always chosen by the building security plumbing expert according to the sewer to be serviced, so that the brush is sure to cover the entire internal surface of the sewer pipe. The maintenance brushes also have a flexible arm that allows the brush to pass through tight bends in the water pipe. For the best possible result, brushing is done several times during the maintenance. The number of times you need to brush depends on the condition of the sewer.

Once the maintenance is completed, the sewerage system is photographed to ensure that the maintenance measures are adequate. At the same time, the condition of the pipes can be examined more closely than before and any hidden hazards in the piping system, such as small cracks and sealing defects, can be detected. The maintenance also includes replacing the diffusers and, if necessary, replacing the floor drains. Taloturva is also a pioneer in floor drains, having developed plastic, easy-to-clean insert floor drains that will make it easier to keep floor drains clean in the future. It is also possible to order various small renovations from Taloturva in connection with sewerage services. This way, you can get many things done in your home in one go! Finally, the plumbing expert from Taloturva cleans up after the work and hands over the sewer maintenance report to the customer.

Sewer socketing with professionalism

When sewer maintenance is no longer adequate due to the poor condition of the sewer system, it is time to consider sewer backfilling. After submerging, the lifetime of the pipeline is extended by up to 50 years at best! What’s more, immersion is a reliable, cost-effective and modern way to renovate your home’s plumbing! During the submerging process, a sock made of a plastic mix is inserted into the old sewer pipe. The sock is then cured to make it a strong and durable plastic pipe. The old pipes are left in place as moulds for the new self-supporting pipes, so there is no need to tear open the structure of the home at all during the socketing process.

Many homeowners fear plumbing repairs for nothing, thinking of them in old-fashioned terms. In the old days, during a plumbing renovation, residents usually had to move out of the home during the renovation, but nowadays there is no need to do this, which certainly lowers the threshold for starting a plumbing renovation. Our professionals do their utmost to ensure that the occupants of your home can lead as normal a daily life as possible, even in the midst of a plumbing renovation.

If you’re not sure about the state of your home’s plumbing, you should book a free sewer inspection from Taloturva as soon as possible. The description allows a concrete and reliable assessment of whether your home’s sewerage system is in urgent need of maintenance or whether it is already at the stage where it needs to be plugged to avoid water damage.

Professional plumbing repairs

Taloturva is also a specialist in plumbing repairs for private houses. At best, it can complete plumbing repairs in as little as three days. You should start planning a plumbing repair at the latest when your home’s metal plumbing has been in use for more than 22 years, or if the plumbing is hidden inside the structure. Other warning signs include an abnormal colour or taste of water, or occasional uneven water pressure in the water pipe. The easiest way to find out the condition of your home’s plumbing is with a free of charge condition survey from Taloturva, during which the condition of your home’s plumbing and fixtures is assessed, a risk analysis of the plumbing is carried out and the results are reviewed together with a Taloturva expert.

Expert in heating pipe repairs

It is also worth considering replacing the heating pipes in an ageing home. This is particularly relevant for homes over 25 years old. Household Security will also help you, free of charge, to assess the condition of your home’s heating network and, if necessary, update your heating pipes to meet today’s requirements. Taloturva uses durable and high-quality Uponor composite pipes for the replacement of heating pipes. The pipes have several layers, which make them resistant to pressure and corrosion and make them a particularly hygienic choice.

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