Are you interested in our references and our customers’ experiences with us? Taloturva has successfully carried out thousands of HVAC renovations in detached houses.

Here are just some of them photographed….

Customer stories about us and our references

“Home must be in order” When the Turku archipelago started to be planned in the early 80s, Juhani Tamminen was alert. “I reserved a plot of land here in Hirvensalo,” Tamminen recalls. “This place was almost entirely meadow and parkland at the time.” A detached house in the Turku archipelago gave a professional hockey player […]

Aaro Kortesmaa from Tampere works as a lorry driver. Aaro’s home is a 1950s frontline house with original, cast-iron sewer pipes before the sewer renovation. – The sewer pipes had not been done anything to them, they were in perfect original condition,” says Aaro. – In previous repairs, cracks were found in the sewer pipes […]

Risto Hyyppä and his wife Anne live in Korpilahti, right on the shores of Lake Päijänne. In addition to the residential building, there is also a garage and a lakeside sauna. Taloturva installed 24 solar panels on the roof of the garage, which has so far reduced the annual electricity bills by around 11%. The […]

Jari and Merja Aavisto from Laukaia commissioned renovation of the heating network in his detached house, built in 1980. In the winter before the renovation, Jari and Merja had felt that the heat was no longer sufficient and the radiators did not heat up evenly. The renovation was carried out by another heating network renovation […]


More experiences of Taloturva customers....

Christel and Juha Kälviäinen’s villa in Kirkkonummi was quite an energy sink before the family invested in solar power. Now paying your electricity bill is …

Urban-minded Ari Toivonen moved into a detached house and a plumbing renovation was imminent. See what happened!

Katriina and Lari Tammilehto live with their daughter Alisa in Jyväskylä in a detached house completed in 2019. When building the house, the family tried …

“Now we have certainty” Julia and Olli live in Hyvinkää with their three children. When a private house built in 1956 was in need of …

Erkki Valkama is retired. The couple’s house was built by Erk himself and his son from prefabricated elements and completed about 20 years ago. In …

Tarja and Jouni Mertanen live in a frontline house built in the 1950s in Loimaa. The couple have been slowly renovating and refurbishing the house. …

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