Drainage mapping free of charge for your private house from House Security

Drainage mapping free of charge for your private house from House Security

Drainage mapping free of charge from Taloturva for your private house. Order Taloturva’s single-family home plumbing repair professionals to film the condition of your home’s drains and pipes with a sewer camera completely free of charge and without any commitment, and you can avoid hidden water damage in your home!

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A drain survey is completely free and does not commit you to anything

Taloturva wants to prevent water damage in Finland, which is why we provide free drainage surveys for detached houses over 35 years old. You are not bound by any obligation, so please fill in the form below and book an appointment now.

Taloturva is one of Finland’s most experienced experts in sewer surveys and plumbing repairs for detached houses. We’ll do the plumbing in your private house in 3 days, and you won’t have to move out for that time.

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When is it time to have your drain photographed?

  1. The drainage is occasionally bad.
  2. No sewer mapping for several years
  3. Piping is more than 25 years old
  4. There is a slight smell of sewage in the indoor air of the house

If one or more of these statements are true, we strongly recommend booking a drainage survey.

A free sewer survey by Hausoturva includes


Enter your details in the form below and we’ll contact you shortly to arrange an appointment for a completely free sewer survey and to come and photograph your property’s plumbing. You are not committing to anything!

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Is the drainage survey of my house really completely free of charge and not binding on me?

YES, for private houses over 35 years old, the sewer survey is completely free of charge and you do not commit to anything!

Free sewerage mapping for private houses by Hausoturva

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Why get a free sewer survey from us?

We efficiently schedule the surveys into our calendars and therefore offer free sewer surveys for private houses over 35 years old. The description always provides added value for our customer, as it gives the customer, together with a professional, an idea of the condition of the plumbing.

Why film a sewer?

The sewer in your home is exposed to a wide range of corrosive substances every day. Over the years, depending on the material, sewer pipes start to deteriorate, decay, crack and glaze. This is how old sewer pipes can pose a serious risk of water damage. In addition, the gases in the pipeline can create holes in the top of the pipe, allowing gases to escape from the pipe into the breathing air, posing a health risk.

In other words, it’s worth keeping an eye on the condition of the drain. We offer free sewer imaging for private homeowners, where our representative will take a picture of the sewer from the inside using a sewer camera. This allows you to see the inside of the sewer and assess the actual condition of the pipework. If necessary, you will receive a quote for sewer repair or maintenance at the end of the description.

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Why should you have a sewer survey in a private house?

Many homeowners will be familiar with sewer surveys, especially if they have owned their home for more than ten years. As many private houses are already relatively old, it is necessary to take a drain survey, because as the name suggests, a drain survey helps to map the condition of the drains from the inside – something that is impossible to see with the naked eye.

Common drainage problems in private houses

Problems with drains can be caused by many different things. Persistent problems, such as strange smells and frequently blocked pipes, may indicate that something is wrong with the plumbing. It is also difficult to assess the condition of pipelines on the basis of operation alone, as leaking or damaged pipes may function properly for long periods of time, and many defects cannot be detected from the outside. For this reason, sewer imaging is an important part of the overall maintenance of the plumbing in private homes, as it helps both to prevent future problems and to locate damage that has already occurred.

Sewer surveys are particularly relevant in older detached houses, where the sewer pipes are built from less commonly used materials, such as cast iron. Although the material is durable, decades of exposure to corrosive and toxic substances can cause the pipes to become brittle. The problem with plastic pipes is that they start to glaze over the years, creating small cracks that can cause serious water damage to the house if they burst. Not all new private houses avoid the need for drainage surveys, as possible installation errors during construction can expose even relatively new private houses to damage.

How does the sewer mapping work?

The description of the sewer starts with finding the right professional. Our experts carry out a wide range of drainage surveys for private houses of different sizes. You can order a free sewer survey directly from the Taloturva website or leave a call request and our customer service will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with further information.

Once an appointment has been made, a professional will arrive at the agreed time to carry out a drain survey. The drains are described both inside and outside the house. The description is stored so that the different sections of the drains can be inspected afterwards. Drain imaging is an effective and reliable way to find potential blockages, but it also detects damage to pipes, such as cracks and leaks. Even minor damage can be detected thanks to the imaging.

The sewers are photographed with a special camera. A cable is attached to one end of the camera, which is used to take the camera into the drain and move it around. The image produced by the camera is transmitted to a separate monitor, allowing the photographer to see the condition of the drains.

If, when taking pictures, it is noticed that there is a lot of sediment in the pipes, which prevents an assessment of the condition of the pipes, the sewer pipes can be washed. Washing exposes the surface of the pipework, allowing the expert to assess more accurately whether there are any dents, cracks or fractures in the pipework surface. Once the characterisation is complete, the expert will provide a formal assessment of the need for any sewer renovation. This makes it easy to determine the need and timing of the renovation with relative accuracy.

How much does a sewer description cost?

By ordering a sewer survey for a private house from House Security, the survey is free of charge.

Free sewer mapping includes:

  • Sewer imaging with a special camera
  • An expert’s assessment of the possible need for pipe renovation
  • Expert report describing the results
  • Offer for sewer repair or maintenance (if applicable)

When should a drain survey be carried out?

The most common reason for the need for a sewer survey is problems with the functioning of the drains. Obvious signs that your drains are not working properly include persistent blockages and a strong smell coming from the drain. A sewer survey is also necessary when the building’s plumbing is more than 25 years old or when it has been several years since the last survey.

It’s good to keep in mind that sewer inspections not only identify damage that has occurred, but regular inspections also help prevent potential damage. The description also helps to identify any installation errors that may have occurred during construction, which, if corrected, can significantly extend the life and functionality of the building’s plumbing.

Why should you have a sewer survey?

As mentioned above, a sewer survey is a quick and effective way to determine the condition of your pipes. Drainage mapping is used to both repair and prevent damage and poor condition of pipes. The description will help to correct any defects in good time and will also help to save money, as water damage is usually many times more expensive to repair than minor damage in time.

An expert is involved from start to finish. It may be difficult for the occupant to interpret the camera image, but an expert will be able to give an accurate and precise report on the condition of the pipework. On the basis of the description, the expert will identify the possible need for renovation and tell you when the renovation is due. More serious damage can be repaired in the short term.

Avoid water damage and have your drains filmed in time

Next to fire, water damage is the most destructive damage to dwellings. Not only may residents have to move out of their homes for long periods of time, but the cost of repairing water damage can skyrocket. Even if the water could be dried out, the problem has not yet been solved, as water that has seeped into the structures exposes the material to moisture and mould damage. When water damage occurs, you need to act quickly, as mould damage can occur in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Plumbing problems are the most common cause of water damage. Drainage mapping helps prevent water damage and is considerably cheaper, as the cost of repairs can run into tens of thousands of euros if damage occurs. A professionally commissioned condition assessment makes it easier to plan and schedule future renovations correctly. By regularly photographing the drains in your home, you will improve your comfort and save money.

How to take care of the drains in your house

Even if the wear and tear of pipes cannot be avoided, you can take care of them yourself. By cleaning and maintaining the condition of your drains, you can extend the life of your pipes, prevent blockages and minimise the cost of future repairs.

Blockages in drains are often caused by something that has got into the drain that doesn’t belong there. Even an excessive amount of toilet paper in the toilet seat can block the drain. A blocked drain can usually be easily identified by the fact that it bubbles, smells, makes a strange noise or has a weak draft. Preventing blockages also extends the life of the drain. In addition to the strain that constant blockages put on the piping system, harsh pipe-opening agents can damage the pipe material over time.

One of the most common causes of sewer blockages is food debris in the pipes. One effective way to prevent sewer blockages is to install a separate garbage sieve in the kitchen sink, which prevents even small debris such as breadcrumbs and coffee grounds from getting trapped in the pipework. Cooking fats, even if diluted in water or other liquid, should never be poured down the drain. As it cools, grease packs into the pipes and can block them.

In addition to toilet paper, you should not throw any other rubbish in the toilet, such as cotton buds, loose hair from a hairbrush, tampons, condoms or thick kitchen paper. Even toilet paper sleeves that disintegrate with water should be disposed of in the cardboard collection, because even if the packaging says that the sleeve can be flushed down the toilet, over time the sleeves can become clogged in the pipes.

Opening a drain can be done at home

One effective way to keep your drains working is to clean them regularly by pouring hot water down them for a few minutes. Floor drains and traps should also be washed regularly, about once a month. Before using your drain opener, always carefully read the instructions that come with the package. If necessary, you can also try homemade and more environmentally friendly combinations, such as vinegar and baking soda, to open drains.

If you can’t open the drain yourself, you should call a professional to help. In the worst case, blockages can expose you to water damage. If the pipes clog frequently or take time to open, a drain survey is usually necessary.

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