Plumbing repairs for detached houses

Plumbing repairs for detached houses

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We will be happy to check the possible need for repairs with a sewer camera by filming them from the inside, so that we can determine whether there is a real need for pipe repair and how much it will cost. We will not charge you anything for the survey and photography of the need for plumbing repairs. You can be sure to get an expert opinion from us.

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Plumbing renovations affect all types of properties, but naturally they are most troublesome for those properties where people live or do business on a regular basis; this is because a plumbing renovation requires thorough planning and can take anywhere from days to weeks. In this article you will find useful general information on plumbing repairs and in particular on plumbing repairs in a detached house.

When and why are plumbing repairs necessary?

Plumbing renovation is a maintenance-related activity that affects almost all properties, with the aim of either renovating or completely replacing the property’s water and sewerage system. For example, renovating bathrooms is common, but not compulsory.

Plumbing repairs are a necessary part of every property’s maintenance, as pipes wear and corrode over the years. As the pipe becomes brittle, they may start to accumulate blockages or start to leak. The aim of the renovation is therefore to avoid damage to the water and sewerage system. Plumbing renovation can also help to increase the value of a home.

The timeliness of pipe renovation comes to the fore when the age of the piping system starts to be on the better side of 30 years. How long the pipes actually last depends a lot on the material used, but also on many other factors such as water quality, temperature variations and installation.

Planning for a plumbing renovation should start well in advance, before any damage can occur. If problems with the water and sewerage system have already occurred, you should start the renovation as soon as possible, because in the event of water damage, for example, insurance companies will not cover the costs of the damage if they are caused by neglect.

How much do plumbing repairs cost?

There are many factors that influence the price of a pipe renovation. The price is influenced in particular by the location of the dwelling and the number of square metres to be renovated. The final price will depend on the extent of the renovation – if it is large, it will naturally cost more. It is also worth bearing in mind that if surfaces are replaced or heat exchangers are changed during the renovation, the price will continue to rise.

Renovating the plumbing in a private house is often a time-consuming job, which is why many people put off plumbing repairs until the last minute. However, postponing plumbing repairs can be costly, because in the event of water damage, you may have to pay for the costs entirely out of your own pocket if there is negligence in the maintenance of the plumbing system.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area and in large detached houses, renovation is slightly more expensive, while in smaller towns and smaller detached houses, renovation is less expensive. The price of a plumbing renovation can of course be determined by requesting a quotation, which will allow you to better identify the need for renovation in your home and the exact price range.

How can the need for plumbing repairs be identified?

The best way to determine the need for a plumbing renovation is to take a drainage survey, which allows the contractor to identify the need for renovation and at the same time give an accurate price estimate of the quality of the renovation. During the sewer survey, the contractor’s representative will check the condition of the drains from the inside using a sewer camera. The results of the sewer mapping will be reviewed with an expert, after which a more detailed agreement can be reached on the timing of the repair. You can also ask for a quote for pipe repairs or drain maintenance when you have your sewer survey.

viemarikuvaus omakotitalon putkistoon

Pipeline diving – what does diving mean?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about pipe socketing in connection with pipe renovations. Pipeline diving has become a popular method for pipe rehabilitation, as it allows the condition of the piping to be renewed much faster than before.

In practice, pipe socketing means that a new flexible pipe, impregnated with epoxy, is installed inside the old pipe, which hardens as it dries. This way, holes, cracks and wear in the old pipe can be covered up.

Pipe socketing is a very popular method, as it reduces the time needed for pipe repairs and is cost-effective, as it does not require the demolition of the building’s surface structures. The diving starts with cleaning the inside of the drains to remove any blockages. To prevent dust and dirt from the cleaning process from spreading outside the drain, open drain heads are plugged. Finally, the drains are flushed, after which the diving itself can begin.

The sock used for dyeing is usually a soft and flexible sock made of polyester. Since the pipes in detached houses are narrower than those in apartment blocks, the sock must be thin and durable. The sock is impregnated with epoxy and anchored, then installed inside the old sewer pipe. Compressed air is used to stretch the sock so that it fits firmly against the inside surface of the old pipe. Next, the sock is allowed to dry, after which the compressed air is removed. This way, the drainage pipe is ready for use immediately.

Duration and price of grafting

Dipping is the preferred method for many single-family home renovations because its duration is significantly shorter than other methods of renovation. The duration of the diving depends largely on the scope of the project, but it can be said that on average it takes a few days, depending on the number of pipes to be dived. The sock itself takes about an hour to install, then it is left to dry for a few hours to about twelve hours. After this, the socketed piping is still being photographed and finished.

The final price of a pipe replacement depends on the number and length of pipes to be replaced, the building material of the house, and the number of floors in the house. In general, however, the cost of a graft ranges from €7 000 to €20 000. A quality pipe repair lasts as long as a traditional pipe repair – up to around 40-50 years.

Other popular methods of pipe repair: traditional sewer repair and sewer coating

In addition to diving, other methods of pipe repair include traditional sewer repair and sewer coating. Each method of pipe repair has its own advantages, so you should always try to choose the right method according to your renovation needs.

Traditional plumbing repairs

A traditional plumbing renovation is a long and laborious job, as it involves demolishing the structure of the house and replacing the old pipes with new ones. Traditional sewer renovation has long been the most common method of pipe renovation, as there have been few other methods available. While traditional plumbing renovation is the most valuable renovation, it also offers the most sustainable results, as all pipes are replaced with new ones.

Duration and price of a traditional plumbing repair

A traditional plumbing renovation normally takes several weeks, as the amount of work involved is significant. The cost of a plumbing renovation depends largely on how much surfaces and structures need to be dismantled and replaced, and whether the renovation includes, for example, the replacement of wet room surfaces. A traditional plumbing repair can cost up to more than €20 000, but there are many factors that influence the final price.

Coating of drains

Sewer coating is another common method of pipe repair, where a new surface is injected into the old pipe. Sewer coating can be considered, for example, if the pipework is only slightly worn and there is no need for a complete pipe renovation.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that coating sewers is not just a cost-saving exercise, as the coating will not last as long as a traditional pipe repair or grouting, as it will slowly wear off in around 10-15 years. Coating cannot be recommended, for example, if the old pipework is very worn, leaking or cracked.

Duration and price of sewer coating

Sewer coating is a cheaper and faster way to repair wear and tear on existing pipes than traditional pipe repair. Normally, the renovation takes a few days, depending on the extent of the coating. The cost of the coating ranges from around €10 000 to €15 000. The cost of coating is mainly influenced by the condition of the sewers, i.e. how much coating is needed.

putkiremontti omakotitaloon viemarikameran avulla

What kind of plumbing renovation is best for a detached house?

Although it is a very cost-effective and quick method, it is not automatically suitable for every pipe rehabilitation project. Traditional plumbing repairs can be considered, for example, when the house is very old or when you want to completely replace all the wet rooms. The need for immersion or coating of drains can be considered when wet rooms are already in good condition, in which case there is no point in unnecessarily demolishing surfaces that are in good condition.

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