Especially in older houses, it is important to take care of the drains in your home to avoid unpleasant water damage. Dipping is an effective way to renovate old sewer pipes, and you can rely on Taloturva to take care of your home with the utmost professionalism. In this article, we will briefly explain what diving is, what situations are worth diving in and why you should choose Taloturva to dive your home’s drains.

What is sukitus?

Dipping is used to renovate the old drains in your home. Sewer renovation is timely at the latest when your home’s plumbing system reaches the age of about 30-40 years. In many cases, the life of sewer pipes is even considerably shorter than this and socketing may be necessary even earlier. In any case, the need for sewer renovation will arise at some point in the life cycle of an aging home, and in this case, dipping is an excellent option to take care of your home’s drains. If you’re not sure about the condition of your home’s drains, you can order a drain survey to check the situation.

Once the need for drain plugging has been identified in your home, Taloturva will handle the job from start to finish with professionalism. First of all, the old sewer pipes are cleaned, then an epoxied sock is installed. Compressed air is used to help install the sock. As the sock cures inside the old sewer pipe, it forms a new, self-supporting, uniform pipe that can be used without worry for the next 30-40 years. In addition to being a very long-lasting solution, it is also an inexpensive way to renovate old pipes in your home. If the budget is small, it is possible to split the renovation into smaller parts, which also allows for a more flexible way of spreading the cost of the renovation. It can be used to renovate pipes made of a wide range of materials, as it is suitable for concrete, potted, plastic and cast iron pipes.

Dipping a sewer is much easier than replacing the whole house’s sewer system and the job can usually be completed in around 3-7 days. This does not require the demolition of structures or the construction of new ones, as is the case with traditional pipe rehabilitation, which explains the speed of the project. So it’s a fairly quick operation, but also a very user-friendly way to renovate your home’s drains. When sewer renovation is carried out using socketing, you can live in your home for the entire renovation period, so you don’t have to evacuate during the renovation. The size of the building, the extent of the building’s sewerage system, the material used in the piping and the number of water points all affect the duration of the sewer submergence.

Plumbing renovation is usually also worthwhile for an older home that is about to be sold. This is because a professionally done plumbing renovation helps to raise the price of the property. At the same time, the time to sell a property is usually significantly reduced in the event of a sale. Finnish single-family homeowners appreciate a home where everything works and the water supply runs smoothly. This is why a newly completed plumbing renovation gives the buyer peace of mind, as it is of course much easier to move into a home where everything works than into a home where a plumbing renovation is probably imminent. Once the pipes have been replaced, the house is seen as a property that has been properly maintained and looked after. While a newly completed plumbing repair brings peace of mind to the buyer, it also brings peace of mind to the seller, because with a professionally done plumbing repair, the seller doesn’t have to think about his or her own responsibility for the home’s plumbing after the sale.

Why should you choose House Security to take care of your home insurance?

There are many reasons to choose Taloturva, and Juhani Tamminen, for example, has used its services and found Taloturva to be a reliable and professional partner. Taloturva is there to help and support the owner-occupier as early as when the need for renovation is identified, by offering its customers the opportunity to take a free sewerage survey, which allows them to see the condition of the plumbing system from the inside. Taking a drainage picture in time can help you avoid unpleasant surprises caused by water damage, so it’s a good idea to order a drainage picture right away if you have any doubts about the condition of your home’s drains. The sewage environment in the home is put to the test every day, for example by exposure to various corrosive substances. Over the years, your plumbing will start to deteriorate, crack, craze or crack, which can lead to unpleasant surprises if not addressed in time. A sewer survey may show that the house’s sewer pipes are in a surprisingly poor condition, making it easy to decide whether or not to start renovating.

When you choose Taloturva to handle your home’s sewer renovation, you’ll have a smooth process from start to finish. The client is informed in detail about each stage of the renovation and the assignments are made as clear as possible. The customer is therefore told as precisely as possible what the work will involve and how long it will take. The price of the renovation is also determined as precisely as possible before the work starts. This allows the customer to prepare as well as possible for the renovation and to budget as accurately as possible in advance.

If you’re worried about the price of plumbing repairs, Taloturva also offers a handy tool for these reports. Its website includes a handy price-estimate calculator. You can use the calculator to estimate how much it would cost to have your home’s drains soaked. At this stage, it’s also worth considering a tax relief called the household deduction, which allows you to deduct the cost of the renovation work from your tax bill – and save a bundle in reduced tax. It’s also worth remembering that plumbing renovation is inevitable at some point in an ageing home, and that prolonging it can lead to unpleasant surprises, or even serious water damage in the worst case.

Another thing that often puzzles people about a home renovation is the image of a home that has been torn apart and cannot be lived in at all during the renovation. In the old days, things were often challenging, but nowadays you can forget such images in a heartbeat! When you choose Taloturva to take care of your home’s plumbing renovation by soaking the old pipes in the sewage system, there’s no need to tear up the structure of your home at all, and your residents can live in their homes throughout the renovation. In addition, Taloturva’s professionals will try to ensure that the renovation causes as little disruption as possible to the normal daily life of the home’s occupants. Residents will also be kept informed of the progress of the renovation throughout the renovation. When you choose Taloturva to take care of your home renovation, you can immediately forget about the traditional plumbing renovation, where the residents have to find accommodation somewhere else, such as a hotel or a relative’s sofa. Being able to live in your home throughout the renovation will certainly lower the threshold to undertake the renovation of your home’s plumbing!

Hausoturva is an excellent choice for consumers who prefer fully Finnish services. The company is a Finnish family business, for whom the easiest and safest possible single-family home living is a matter close to their hearts. The aim is to provide its customers with information on home maintenance in the most understandable and easy-to-use format possible, and to carry out home renovations in a quality and timely manner. For example, the right timing of home plumbing repairs can help avoid unpleasant water damage and improve the safety of private homes. If safe single-family home living is also a matter close to your heart, contact Taloturva and find out more about the services we offer!

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