The price of a plumbing repair

The price of a plumbing repair

Do you want to know how much it costs to renovate a private house? Save your time and calculate the price conveniently with the price calculator for plumbing repairs.

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Price calculator for plumbing repairs

Calculate the price of a plumbing repair for your private house by entering your details in the form.

Fill in the form and calculate an estimate for a plumbing renovation in your private house.

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Sewer blockage content

  1. Renovation planning meeting
  2. Site shelter and temporary toilet installation
  3. Cleaning of old sewer pipes with a suction truck/normal
  4. Removal of water fixtures
  5. Filming and video report of an old sewer pipeline
  6. Renovation of sewerage pipelines using the socket jointing method
  7. Re-installation of water fixtures
  8. Filming and video report of the new sewer pipeline
  9. Handover and guarantee records for the work

Plumbing and heating renovation contents

  1. Renovation planning meeting
  2. Carpentry work for plumbing repairs
  3. Uponor composite pipe installation
  4. Dismantling and emptying old pipes
  5. Installation of water fixtures or radiators
  6. Test push and protocol
  7. Cleaning up the site
  8. Handover and guarantee records for the work

Frequently asked questions about the price of a plumbing repair?

Hot water renovation price?

Replacing domestic hot water pipes costs around €4,000-13,000 for a detached house

The price of a sanitation renovation is affected

a) the number of water fixtures

b) pipe routing to water points

c) partition walls material and quantity

d) the size of the house and the route of the pipes

e) wet assessment of pipe sections

f) replacement of fittings, water fittings

The most cost-effective way to renovate a domestic hot water pipe is to install new pipes on the wall surface, so there is no need to break the structure of the house and the existing wall surfaces. The aim is to hide visible pipes in furniture or, if desired, to encase them. The composite system pipes are white or in a stylish chrome colour and the end result of the renovation is neat and tidy.

Sewer blockage price?

If we are talking about sewer support for a detached house, the prices are between €10 000 and €25 000.

Sewer blockage price affected

  1. Drainage points (toilet seat, sinks and floor drains).
  2. Metreage for diving
  3. Type of outdoor well, Concrete well (large), inspection well or self-contained well system
  4. Ventilation duct type and volume
  5. Is there an inspection hatch in the house
  6. House m2 and number of storeys
  7. Pipe material, Cast iron, concrete, plastic. The house may also contain more than one material.


-Drainage wells will not be renovated

-Good to soak the garage floor drains

-Some may suggest leaving part of it unplugged. You should not get involved in this without a reason!

-The number of ventilation ducts is indicated by the roof penetrations, these can also be in the upper floor.

-Ventilation ducts should always be plugged. The manufacturer’s warranty may otherwise be invalidated. Water enters the ventilation drain and this run-off water can get between the drainage socket and the old pipe. This means that there is a risk that an otherwise well-done soaking will be ruined by not soaking the ventilation drain.

-Whether the sewer should be connected to the well or to the boundary of the property. It is worth checking with an expert on the municipal liability limit

Heating pipe renovation price?

A renovation of a heating pipe in a detached house costs around €8,000-23,000.

Indeed, the cost of a radiator network repair can vary significantly depending on a number of factors. The budget price is a good starting point, but it is important to consider the following factors that may affect the final cost:

The price of pipe renovation is affected

a) the number of batteries

b) pipe routing to radiators

c) partition walls material and quantity

d) the size and routing of the house, where the pipes run from

e) estimated number of pipe sections

f) radiator thermostats and other accessories

Can I pay for the renovation in instalments?

We only invoice you when the site is completed and handed over.

You can also apply to us for renovation financing arranged by a partner. You have the flexibility to pay off your renovation financing.

Can you get a household deduction for plumbing repairs?

According to the tax authorities’ guidelines, the maximum household allowance is €2250 per person and €4500 per household. After the renovation, we will provide you with a breakdown of the work and materials.

Will there be any price changes during the renovation?

The plumbing renovation is done during a “turnkey” style. We will provide a written quotation with all the steps and prices. If something is not part of the renovation, this has been clearly explained in the offer.

We will make you an offer in writing. If there are changes at the site, e.g. if the homeowner chooses a new water fixture later, the additional cost will be accepted by the subscriber.

We will only invoice you for the work once the site has been handed over.

Free drainage survey?

We efficiently schedule the surveys into our calendars and therefore offer free sewer surveys for private houses over 35 years old. The description always provides added value for our customer, as it gives the customer, together with a professional, an idea of the condition of the plumbing.

Guarantees and certificates?

House Security provides a 10-year installation guarantee for installed items.

In sewer reinforcement, the materials consist of several different materials, so we work according to the supplier’s product certification. The product certification aims at a lifetime of 30-50 years.

Uponor composite pipe remodels are covered by the manufacturer’s own liability under consumer protection.

As a consumer, how can I be sure that the job has been done well?

The customer will always have a before and after video recording of the drainage installation.

The building security installation manager always watches the sewer video recordings as well. In the event of a house sale, the tenant will also be able to give the recordings to the next owner.

Composite piping installations are clearly visible in the quality of the installation and the customer can request an inspection visit from the installation manager during the warranty period.

How much does a pipe renovation cost per square metre?

It is not reasonable to think about a plumbing repair in a detached house in terms of the price per square metre. The cost depends entirely on how the plumbing and water points are positioned in the house. The exact price per square metre will be determined by a free municipal estimate.

What are the advantages of sewer backfilling compared to traditional sewer renovation?

Sewer sealing is carried out without the need for evaporation and without damaging the structures.

If the sewers are replaced traditionally by hand, this usually means opening up the floors and yard for the pipes. The scale of the renovation is easily increased and the costs are difficult to manage.

Traditional or modern plumbing repair method?

Drainage piping

It is always better to dive into sewer renovations than to open up structures. Both solutions aim for a long service life of up to 50 years.

A large part of the insurance company’s approach to sewer back-up is the same as for a new sewer pipe. If there is a collapse problem, the excavator method or a combination of both should be evaluated. In principle, immersion is always the cheaper and less troublesome way to carry out a sewer renovation.

Heating and hot water renovation

If the service or heating pipes are replaced inside the protective pipes, then usually the whole house structure has been opened up in a major renovation.

However, some rooms in the homes have already been renovated, e.g. Bathroom. In this case, it makes sense to do Uponor composite plumbing renovation. Some can be transported in structures or enclosures

Can I live at home during the renovation?

The plumbing repairs are carried out without breaking structures and without evacuation.

In the case of sewer blockage, most of the time the drains will be out of service and we will bring in a mobile toilet for the duration of the renovation. Running water can be used normally.

Drain sealing or drain coating - which is better?

Sewer coating is intended for applications where a few more years of service life are required. The drains are then manually replaced with a new pipe. Unfortunately, some have been coating their drains with the wrong information and now want to switch to soaking. It takes about 4 working days to remove the drain coating before you can actually dive in. Drain coating can therefore act as a temporary solution.

Drainage or diving?

The drainage can be carried out to a plastic drain. The free sewer mapping service from Hausoturva reveals whether sewer rehabilitation is an option or whether direct soaking is recommended. In some situations, the sewer is so blocked that the condition cannot be seen. In this case, a sewer maintenance can be carried out and the need for sewer rehabilitation can then be assessed.

Sewerage maintenance :

a)Clean the pipework with a nylon brush and wash with water.

b) Replacing or cleaning the scent locks

c) Cleaning or renovation of cesspools

d) Pipeline video recorded on request

How long does a plumbing repair usually take?

Sewer blockage and heating pipe renovation takes about 5 days

Renovation of sanitary piping in about 3 days.

The duration of the renovation will be specified in the offer.

Can we have a plumbing repair or drainage replacement in our home?

Plumbing renovation can be done in all types of private houses.


Sewer fittings can be made for all the most commonly used pipe sizes and materials. It doesn’t matter whether the drains are plastic, concrete or cast iron. A sewer survey will reveal if the drain is badly backed up, the drain has collapsed or the old drain is acting as a drain. In this case, we recommend other measures or further investigation.

Is sewer blocking a sustainable and safe option?

Drain sealing, when done properly, extends the life of a pipe system by about 50 years (VTT). Developed more than 40 years ago, soaking technology has found its way into all kinds of buildings around the world. The submergence is used to create a seamless, watertight and flat structure. This method also offers a safe and healthy alternative for residents. The polyester pipe sock used in the injection, impregnated with epoxy, hardens into a plastic pipe and does not pose any health risks.

Is pipe rehabilitation with composite pipe a sustainable and safe option?

Uponor introduced its first composite pipes to the market in 1982. Uponor composite pipes are known for their durability and safety. Uponor is a Finnish company specialising in piping and distribution systems. Their composite pipes often combine the best properties of polyethylene (PE) and aluminium.

If done correctly, heating and hot water renovation for the plumbing system will bring the house to the end of its useful life. Let’s assume that a plumbing renovation is done only once per house.

What material is the composite pipe made of?

Uponor composite pipes are made of several materials combining their best properties. The commonly used construction includes polyethylene (PE) and aluminium. This combination gives the pipe the versatile properties that make it an efficient and durable solution.

Polyethylene (PE): polyethylene is a flexible plastic material that makes the pipe easy to use and install. It allows the pipe to bend and adapt to different conditions.

Aluminium: The aluminium layer in the middle of the pipe gives it strength and rigidity. Aluminium also improves the thermal conductivity of the pipe, which is important in heating systems.

Uponor composite pipes combine these materials to create a pipe that is lightweight, flexible and yet strong. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including heating and domestic hot water systems

What material is the drainage sock made of?

A drainage sock is usually made of felt material impregnated with epoxy. This felt bag is inserted into the old sewer pipe and cured in place, forming a new, seamless pipe. Epoxy is a chemical substance that hardens into a solid, plastic-like material, giving the drain plug a durable structure.

This type of epoxy-impregnated felt sock offers several advantages in the drain sealing process, including:

Flexibility: The felt material allows the sock to fit a wide range of tubes and shapes.

Sustainability: Epoxy-impregnated sock creates a durable and corrosion-resistant The sock is made of epoxy-coated sock that provides a resistant and durable surface to the inside of the old pipe.

Seamless construction: The result of the grafting is a seamless pipe without joints, reducing the risk of leakage.

Good stickiness: Epoxy allows good adhesion to the old pipe, ensuring that the socket remains in place.

How do I unblock a blocked drain?

If the drain is constantly blocked or drains badly, you should ask the building security company to take a drain survey.

During the description, the real cause will be identified and unnecessary water damage risks will be avoided.

The home computer can try the following:

-Cleaning the stench trap of a blocked pool from a downstream valve

-Draining and cleaning the floor drain

-Is the sewer ventilation pipe blocked by snow

If these measures do not solve the problem, a drain survey is recommended to determine the cause.

Can I hire a plumber for a smaller job?

Our strength is old detached houses and their technology. You should also ask us for smaller private house plumbing work or a visit. Consultation is always free of charge, so it’s worth contacting us!

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