Hausoturva is an iron-clad professional in the field of plumbing repairs. So if you are considering a plumbing repair, you should order a survey visit from Taloturva and request a quote for a plumbing repair in your home. This makes it easy to find out what kind of plumbing renovation your home needs and how much it would cost.

A survey visit and sewage mapping by the building security company is free of charge for the customer, so it is worthwhile to start mapping your home in time, before major water damage occurs. Water damage happens every day in Finland, up to around 100 incidents a day! Much of this damage would be entirely avoidable if the plumbing situation in the home had been assessed in time and the problems addressed immediately.

For example, ageing copper pipes in many houses are like a ticking time bomb that can cause extensive water damage. If you know that copper pipes have been used in your home and if you are concerned about the condition of the pipes, it is worth ordering a condition survey from Taloturva with a particularly low threshold.

Hausoturva specialises in determining when is the best time to carry out a plumbing renovation in your home and which method to use. At the same time, other details of the renovation become clear. Once the situation has been mapped, Taloturva aims to provide the information gathered through the mapping process to the customer in a way that is as easy to understand as possible. This makes it easy for customers to make good decisions in the light of the information they receive.

The plumbing repairs themselves are always carried out by Taloturva with iron-clad professionalism without compromising on quality, which means that timely plumbing repairs can prevent extensive water damage and make living safe and high quality. A professionally done plumbing repair usually pays for itself, so it’s an investment that pays off in terms of your comfort and safety, as well as the value of your home!

Not only are Taloturva’s employees particularly skilled installers, but Taloturva also ensures that its employees have access to regular further training and that their skills continue to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. With thousands of renovations under its belt, Taloturva is familiar with Finnish detached houses and their plumbing systems. For this reason, customers can be confident that the professionals at Taloturva know how to take care of their home’s plumbing for the best possible result. Taloturva has obviously done its job well, as 98% of its customers said they were satisfied with the installations carried out by Taloturva in a survey conducted by the independent Taloustutkimus.

Versatile plumbing services from Hausoturva

Taloturva offers high-quality and versatile plumbing repairs, from extensive sewer repairs to sewer maintenance and domestic water repairs. If you’re not sure what kind of plumbing services your home needs or whether, for example, your home needs a plumbing repair, you should order a free survey from Taloturva and start investigating your home’s potential plumbing repair or maintenance needs before the plumbing system causes more unpleasant surprises. With the help of the building insurance, the plumbing repairs can usually be completed quickly and efficiently, in as little as 3-5 days, and it is still possible to live in your home while the plumbing is being repaired.

Security plumbing diving services

Dipping is a popular way to carry out a quality sewer renovation and Taloturva specialises in advanced diving methods. When a drain in a private home is professionally socketed, the life of the home’s sewer system can be extended by up to 50 years, making it a wise investment to invest in drain socketing.

Drain dipping is currently the most modern and cost-effective way to carry out a drain renovation in your home. During the process, a sock made of a plastic mixture is inserted into the old sewer pipe and then cured. After curing, the sock becomes a strong and durable plastic tube. The old pipes in the sewerage system are left in place and act as a kind of mould for the new, more intact pipe.

Building security sewer mapping and condition survey services

When you want to find out the situation of the sewer in your private house, you should order a free sewer survey from Taloturva. This makes it possible to time the plumbing of your home as optimally as possible before it causes major water damage to your home and a lot of worry and hassle. A sewer survey will reveal the actual condition of your home’s pipes and will help you assess what action needs to be taken, and within what timeframe.

The sewer system is exposed to a wide range of corrosive substances every day, which means that over the years, the pipes start to wear out. What happens to the pipes at this stage depends a bit on the material, but they may start to crack, they may develop holes, they may start to deteriorate or they may even glaze over. This situation leads to a serious risk of water damage in the home. In addition to the risk of water damage, there is also a health risk to the occupants of the home, as the gases in the pipework can cause holes in the top of the pipe, which can result in gases escaping from the pipe into the breathing air of the home.

During a sewer inspection, a representative of the building security company takes a special sewer camera into the sewer, which makes it possible to view the sewer from the inside and see the inside of the pipes. This makes it possible to assess the actual condition of the plumbing in your home. At the end of the assessment, a Taloturva expert will assess whether your home’s plumbing needs repair or maintenance and when it would be best to carry out any plumbing repairs or maintenance. At this stage, the customer has the opportunity to go over the results of the sewer mapping with a representative of the building security company.

You should definitely order a drain survey if your home’s drain seems to be leaking badly from time to time, or if it hasn’t been surveyed for many years. It’s also worth ordering a sewer survey if your home’s plumbing is already old. Especially for pipelines more than 25 years old, it is definitely worth taking pictures and checking the actual condition of the pipeline. If the indoor air in your house starts to smell even slightly of sewage, this is another warning sign that it’s time to have your home’s plumbing checked.

It is particularly important to survey your home’s domestic water pipes and assess the condition of the pipes and fixtures. At the same time, it is possible to prepare a risk analysis of the plumbing and go through the results of the survey together with a Taloturva professional. You should survey your tap water pipes if they are old or hidden inside structures, or if the water coming out of the pipes tastes off or is a strange colour. It is also worthwhile carrying out a condition survey of the service water pipework if the water pressure is uneven from time to time. Having any problems with your home’s domestic hot water pipes fixed by professionals in good time can save you a lot of nasty surprises and unnecessary money!