LVIturva offered a showcase – now Anton leads the sales team in the Turku region

Articles on housing, plumbing repairs, energy, renovation and single-family homes, produced by Hausoturva.

LVIturva offered a showcase – now Anton leads the sales team in the Turku region

Articles on housing, plumbing repairs, energy, renovation and single-family homes, produced by Hausoturva.

22-year-old Anton Koski started at LVIturva in the summer of 2016 after returning from the army. Six months later, he was appointed Sales Manager for Southwest Finland. A people-oriented employer has succeeded in creating an atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to excel.

Monday morning at HVACturva, a company specialising in plumbing repairs, starts with breakfast provided by your employer. At breakfast, Anton Koski, 22, and his sales team go through the week’s goals.

The objectives form the backbone of the week’s programme. It is not surprising that the team members are successful athletes at local level. A healthy competitive spirit also helps to achieve good results in a salesperson’s job.

As in sport, it’s all about team spirit.

– Here I have learned how much of an impact the team and the atmosphere have on the work. In our team, employees are united by their sporting background in team sports such as baseball and football,” says Anton, Sales Manager in Turku.

Between the fast-paced teams and his busy work, Anton enjoys the golf courses.

– Golf is a great counterbalance to the buzz of your phone. Good friends and nature provide a balance to a hectic everyday life.

Sports are also practised with the work team. A weekly game of hockey or other team games keeps the team spirit alive and the eye on the ball.

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Work kicked off with a fast-paced sales training session

Anton started at HVIturva last summer after his military service. The HR manager was convinced of Anton’s skills and attitude after having lunch with him.

Previous sales experience in both the construction and electronics industries had taught me the skill of meeting customers and identifying their individual needs.

The first two weeks at HVAC Security were like the first two weeks of my army enlistment. A large number of new employees started at once, there was a lot of activity and people got to know each other quickly.

However, the hierarchical management style familiar from the army was absent. The traditional confrontation between managers and employees was not visible.

– You felt welcome when everything was laid out, right down to the business cards. The employer had arranged accommodation in a hotel and we had plenty of free time in the evenings. The best part was when you could start on the same line as everyone else,” Anton recalls the fast start.

During the two weeks, the sales trainees were introduced to the values and practices of the young company. They got to see what it’s like to work on a renovation site and learn the ins and outs of sales from more experienced workers.

The close interaction with the same group of people created good acquaintances and provided peer support in difficult situations.

At HVAC Security, a new batch of employees starts almost every month. The new batch is playfully called the arrival batch.

In the work community, the lessons of the army were refined

As the summer drew to a close, it was time for Anton to show what he could do. Previous sales experience, naval school and two weeks of orientation with a new employer provided a strong foundation for the team leader role.

The army had taught me responsibility and leadership. However, certain principles should remain inside the gates of the barracks.

In a new job, no one is told what to do, but colleagues are motivated. That’s when employees are ready to go above and beyond.

Anton was impressed by the genuine people-friendliness of HVAC security from day one. Despite his young age, he feels he has learned a lot about leadership.

– The power of example is stronger than command. When you sense that an employee is hungry for more responsibility, it’s worth giving it. It motivates anyone to give their best.

Anton is grateful to his work community, where an open culture permeates everything he does and creates fertile ground for development both as an individual and as a team.

– We don’t have to remind employees to give feedback to each other. Openness is part of the nature of our workplace.

Daydreams in the middle of the day

In a healthy company, employee wellbeing takes precedence over scoreboards and weekly targets.

A salesperson’s job is all about interacting with people and being present. Mood affects the way you shop.

– Small worries outside work are forgotten in the rush to get things done, but bigger worries can be hard to hide. Together with our company’s spiritual coach, we have come up with a room called the Charger, where employees can go to recharge their batteries if they run out of steam,” Anton says.

The room is warmly decorated. Cheerfully coloured furniture and soft shapes create a pleasant environment for unwinding from the stresses and strains of private life or the cancellation of a deal.

It is intended for both good and bad days. The rules are simple. When the door is closed, someone is charging their batteries and must not be disturbed.

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Sharing the joy of achievement

When LVIturva was voted one of the best workplaces in Finland for the second time earlier this year, the award was not only presented by the top echelons of the company, but also by a group of almost 30 employees from all departments.

And when results are achieved, workers are rewarded. Sales competitions are part of motivating employees. In addition to weekly local competitions, larger competitions are organised involving all employees from all over Finland.

– I’ve never heard of such a fair employer, even from a friend of a friend, who cares about his employees and invests in rewards to this extent. Tomorrow, my work team and I are off to Dubai to soak up the sun.

A holiday trip is a reward from your employer for a year off to a good start.

Interested in the role of a sales manager? As our business expands, we are constantly looking for new team leaders. Read more here and apply.

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